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. >> we are in tom sawyer everybody paints the fed's they want to pay him to do his work and that is what we're doing with our content we are painting their fences for them with our staff. so it is a lot of young folks around to try to build better mousetraps that don't catch our tails all the time and i am very optimistic it will happen in 10 or 20 years you have a much more productive relationship thanks to people like these kids. >> tavis sorry but we do have to end on that note. i appreciate every by becoming a will direct you
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out this door so you can get their signature. right to the activity building. thank you so much. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> she was a woman of character and rashid care dead was the matriarch in a lot if you ask someone they would say -- say it is an ominous but it is a black newspaper toward the black community. technically to did though longest-running founded in the united states actually starting as the elementary school teacher in birmingham alabama. then she met her husband and he was of pharmacist one of the few who had gotten a
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doctorate basket and the day and they got married and they moved to chicago and she started to go to class's then they moved to des moines and then she was the superintendent of the church and her minister said there is a newspaper here in town and he said you can do a better job band he said i thank you can do it it was nothing exciting but someone in omaha heard about it and he came up to ask her husband if they would relocate to work at his newspaper.
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after a year and a half day opened up the lost art. >> but less than 20 years before but she knew it to was of a racist town and so she knew what she was going to be facing. she realized her strength was people skills. some of the essential they to be pretty radical the fbi
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was watching him there were sure the elements going into the newspapers said they were very political. there was not a lot of family our reach more positive news but this is the wing on nationally there was not much omaha coverage but when they divorced in 1943, she took over the newspaper that he left to the city but then it is all about family to make the people prominent but if you did not know better you would not realize there is the black community other than the omaha star reporting about it. there were a lot of things to address fed and 30's was probably housing the
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government caved in during the great depression to build the projects did headfirst she was so excited that this is a fantastic. we will be equal to the white community for housing aid and her main goal she has been gone over 20 years is to always write positive news. so instead of focusing on desegregating with whom she was aligned with and the things they we're doing to change, she would always ended with something positive to say let's focus
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of this family celebration. it was very forward thinking. she thought was important to have a positive outlook because but yet listening to the negativity, so she was but she did that numerous times at various events that she organized and said a moot - - vote with your feet. if you are not happy then
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don't buy anything there. she ran a huge campaign in her newspaper four years for her she had a list of companies that put them out there to say unless your friends go there. and sometimes she had to you juggle to make sure the next copy came out because there were times as she was digging into what was left of her savings to make sure that it continued. she was super prod that she never missed an issue in 50 years. she sold the newspaper chittered nine, at the tail
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end of the great depression and then she passed away. a true newspaperwoman at heart just signed off on the copy because the newspaper would it come out and then a few hours later she passed away. that is like throwing a but to start with but so many people have been reading that newspaper since 1938 that leaves the huge impression to say maybe but
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to the white and the black community that desegregated. >> i never met her but she was that kind of person. . .
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